Okanagan Cultivators just surged ahead in the race to profit off the marijuana boom. And the reason? It appointed Mr. Winston Dobbs to its board.

Dobbs’s C.V. features more than 100 IPOs on global markets over the last 30 years. That includes starred entries for Twitter and Aramco. And now the IPO master has big plans for Okanagan Cultivators as well.

Pot of gold

With Winston Dobbs on board, Okanagan Cultivators has exponentially increased its financial reach. Get ready for this IPO to explode on TXS in early 2021. 

Things are looking increasingly golden for this Canadian marijuana company. The Canadian government recently locked in a historic partnership with Okanagan Cultivators. After that, it asked to up its monthly order. As a result, the company is already adding another 400 acres to its current site.