Okanagan Cultivator Canada-based company announced a new partnership with a globally-recognized cannabis company who is  a major distributor of medical marijuana. 

Okanagan Cultivators entered into  a 10-year long term contract with Remedy Pharmacy to supply several products through their European partnerships. The first order is already planned to be delivered this year.

Remedy Pharmacy has several European locations from where they distribute their medical marijuana products. The brand maintains a strong global presence and provides beneficial knowledge and education about cannabis use and subsequent health benefits. 

Okanagan Cultivators and the Remedy brand share a strong devotion to offering high quality pharmaceutical grade products globally. This strategic partnership places Okanagan Cultivators in a prime position to grow their distribution and reach more clients internationally.

Along with this recent development, Okanagan Cultivators has been signing long term contracts with major corporations and governing bodies. These deals are particularly beneficial ahead of their planned listing on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Partnership with the State of Israel

Okanagan Cultivators has been signing contracts with not only  local governments in Canada, but across continents.

The Canadian cannabis cultivators have announced that they signed a long term contract with the State of Israel. In this major deal Okanagan Cultivators will provide the State of  Israel with 200 kilograms of THC flower per month. They also have plans this year to break ground on a new facility in the Middle East. 

A deal like this is expected to be highly profitable and see a massive market potential. Israel has seen the most  marijuana use in the Middle East for years now. A 2017 survey revealed that 27% of Israelis ages 18-65 years old reported using cannabis in the last year. The use of cannabis for those 18 years old and older was also decriminalized in Israel in 2019.

Since the early 1990s Israel has permitted the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes. Israel has also played a large role in cannabis research and discovering its medical applications over the last century.  Raphael Mechoulam and Yechiel Gaoni of Hebrew University of Jerusalem were the first to isolate THC from cannabis in 1964. Later, Mechoulam even participated in the research which  discovered  anandamide

Okanagan Cultivators makes agreement for Vanuatuan land

The cultivators have also signed another contract which will position them ahead of the competition in innovation. Okanagan Cultivators signed a distribution agreement with Vanuatu island Campos Farms to supply 30 tonnes per year of THC cannabis flower. 

The Republic of Vanuatu is an island nation in the South Pacific Ocean, located between Australia and Fiji. The nation has  more than 80 islands extending over 1,300 kilometers and is home to several active volcanoes.

Okanagan Cultivators’ contract with the Vanuatu farm is planned for 10 years, with a 100-year land lease. Production will begin soon, expected sometime this year. 

New deal with Curaleaf

Okanagan Cultivators have also  signed a long term contract with EMMAC Life Sciences Group., who was  recently bought by Curaleaf.  This agreement was set to assist European product sales for EMMAC to Okanagan clients. 

EMMAC Life Sciences Group maintains a global presence which includes research as well as supply and distribution partnerships across Europe. EMMAC Life Sciences Limited is Europe’s largest independent cannabis company, according to their website. They have even been featured on the BBC and partnered with Imperial College London for a long-term research program. 

Curaleaf is a market leader in the cannabis industry based in the United States. This company currently has 103 dispensaries, 22 cultivation sites and more than 30 processing sites. Curaleaf offers a wide range of cannabis products at their physical locations and for sale online.

The Canadian cultivators have revealed that they will soon announce more news about their expansions and new spa locations.