Okanagan Cultivators announces it has chosen Dentons law firm to represent its interests in both Canada and Europe as it prepares for its public listing on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Okanagan has already been working with Dentons in Europe on its business needs for operating in the massive European cannabis market. The move to now collaborate with Dentons Canada is the best step forward for Okanagan as it prepares for a public listing on the TSX. Dentons is one of the biggest global law firms with the largest and most experienced cannabis division. 
Dentos is the industry leader for cannabis so this is really the top choice for us and we have had excellent results from our work with Dentons Europe and their experienced cannabis division. As we look to become a public company we really want the best behind us and working with Dentons Canada will certainly ensure a successful move into the public markets. says Okanagan Spokesperson Alison Colbert. And beyond that handling our licensing and regulatory requirements is also key in ensuring our success as a company. All share’s will also be registered with Morgan Stanley who is rumored to have a large stake in Okanagan Cultivators. 
While Okanagan continues to grow as a company in both Europe and Canada their focus remains consistent with their initial business plan, cultivation of Premium Organic Medical Cannabis and distribution through its pharmacy brand partnership with Remedy Pharmacy in Europe as well as to the Canadian government in Canada through its Licenced Processor contract. Cultivation licensing throughout Europe remains a primary goal for Okanagan Cultivators as they will be supplying medical cannabis to their pharmacy partner as well as other clients in Europe.
Although the company is registered in Canada with operations in British Columbia, CEO Miller remains in the Prague office to better navigate the European Cannabis Market which it certainly has a strong foot in after several years of operating in Europe.