Playing with toys helps children stimulate their communication and fine motor skills, and trains are one of the best toys to help your child grow. But since train sets come with a lot of pieces, it makes clean-up and storage very frustrating. However, it’s not the same with train tables because of the space they have underneath for storing the pieces, and maybe even other toys as well.

We at Bright Side found the best train table sets on Amazon, and we know that you can’t go wrong when buying a set for your kid or as a gift. Don’t miss the bonus, you’ll find cool train accessories there.

1. A tabletop train set that will help you keep your kids entertained when traveling

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Fun on the go

Whether you are planning a long trip or just visiting your relatives, keeping your kids in check is never easy. Sooner or later, they’ll become cranky, and in these cases, they need something that will keep them interested for a long time. This train set is just what you need, especially because it can be placed on any table-like surface, and it’s super easy to carry around.

Promising reviews:

  • Perfect to travel with — A good little set. It would be better if the vehicles were the same size as other Melissa & Doug cars, etc., so that we could add more to the set, but they don’t fit on the tracks. Other than that, the train set is great. — Heather 🙂
  • A great brand — I like the brand because it has very good quality and variety. This is a Christmas present for my nephew. It was a relief that it came intact.

    What I like is that you keep the pieces in the same toy, instead of worrying about having the parts all over the place or getting another container just for the toys. — DecoratodoMx

2. Table train that will keep your child interested for a long time

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59 play pieces

This is one awesome train table set. It’s durable and super easy to assemble. The high-quality play pieces include ascenders, one T-junction, curved points, medium straights, and long curves. Plus, thanks to the different types of accessories, it will make playtime unique and more fun.

Promising review:

  • A beautiful toy for train fans — I purchased this for my son for Christmas. He is 3 and a massive fan of trains. I have seen these and was delighted to find this one online. The train table arrived quickly and the correspondence from the seller was great.

    The table is pretty straightforward to set up. We have had a trial run ready for the big day, and it is gorgeous looking. The wooden pieces are robust and have a quaint, old-fashioned quality. It’s a lovely piece, and I am sure my son will adore it. — glitterbug

3. Train and Lego table that will make playtime even more enjoyable

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Our choice

We really like this train table, especially because it can be used as a Lego table too. And because of the double-sided flippable board, your kids will truly enjoy their playtime. Plus, there is plenty of empty space underneath to store other toys as well.

Promising review:

  • A great sturdy table that is easy to assemble — It’s not only great for playing but for storing toys as well. It can be used as a general table on the train track side as it is a completely flat surface. A bit pricey, but well worth it as it seems it will last for years. — Stan

4. Train table with over 80 toy pieces that will help your child have productive playtime

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Great for small spaces

With this train set, you’ll be able to build an entire city with your child. It’ll be a really great way to bond and have fun. And after you are all done playing, the rolling drawer under the train table will make cleaning super easy.

Promising reviews:

  • Great train table — Great little table for smaller spaces. I love the drawer under it!! — caren pritchard
  • Great toy — Great toy for a great price! Easy to install, and the table is very sturdy. I highly recommend it! — Princess Jelyne Vilmont

5. Pink train table that will give your kids a magical playtime

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Great for all ages

If your little girl loves trains, then surprise her with this train table set. However, because the train table is taller and wider, it’s great for more kids to play on it. Plus, the 59 toy accessories will give them a very well-stimulated playtime.

Promising review:

  • Great buy — I have had this table for about 9 months with a very active and animated daughter who is now 2. It’s used every day with a multitude of toys and has stood up to all of them. It’s extremely well-made and sturdy. It took me about 20 minutes to put it together on my own. The train set that came with it is also lovely and well-made.

    The only thing I think that could improve it would be the option of a drawer underneath for storage like the classic table, but this is just my personal tidying away nature and doesn’t affect the table’s great qualities. There is room under the table for small things. — Miss A. M. Green

6. Create your own train table with these 2 products.

Buy the play table on Amazon here

Buy the train set on Amazon here

The best combination

If you still haven’t found the train table you need for your kid, maybe combining these 2 products will be what you need. Both products are high quality, and the train theme might make your child even more interested in playing with them. On the other hand, the table will make storage easier, and you can also flip the top and use it as a Lego table.

Promising reviews:

  • The best play table — My children love this table. It’s great for multiple activities as the top flips over. It is well-made and feels solid when you play on it. It is easily wipeable, which is always a bonus for children.

    You can’t really sit under it unless you pull the drawers out (which you could easily do if drawing etc.). My children like to kneel next to it to build and move around the table. — Rach Waterfield
  • The train set is awesome — I had a big loader as a kid. I saw this just before a friend’s son’s birthday and bought it for him (totally not, so I could play with it, haha).

    It is far easier to assemble than the one I had in the ’90s. It has the same layout, but the plastic track is far more flexible, which is good. — James Wheeler

Bonus: Train sets and accessories

1. A deluxe train set that is compatible with most trains and accessories

Buy the train set on Amazon here

High-quality wood

Give your kid this train set as a gift, and you’ll see how their imagination will multiply. With the help of the 59 accessories and the wooden train tracks that are easy to connect, your kid will have a variety of stories to create while playing.

Promising reviews:

  • Brio train set — He played with someone else’s train set and had so much fun, so we bought a starter set for our grandson, who is 4 years old, for his birthday. He absolutely loves it. He can create something new each time he plays, which is great for developing his creative skills. — V M Herbert
  • Wonderful train set — Perfect for kids who love trains (and grown-ups). The cargo one is particularly nice because it has 3 magnetic activity pieces that work slightly differently, plus a bridge with height. — Amazon Customer

2. Simple train set that your kid will love.

Buy this train set on Amazon here

#1 best seller

This set comes with a controller, an oval track, a 4-wheel coach, an open wagon, and a steam locomotive. This also means it’s super easy to assemble and fun to play with.

Promising review:

  • Brilliant starter set — Fantastic! The locomotive runs smoothly and quickly. It comes with 2 unpainted figures, a coal man and a train driver. It feels like a really good value set because you get a decent number of tracks too. Also, the oval track is the ideal size to circumnavigate a large Christmas tree, so at Christmas, it will be nice to see it traveling around the presents. — Abnab

3. 22 pieces of trees to add to your train set.

Buy these model trees on Amazon here

Amazon’s choice

In the package, you’ll get different tree sizes, which will make the scenery a lot more natural and cooler. Also, the trees are made of high-quality material, which means they’ll last for a long time.

Promising review:

  • Very good quality — I like these little trees very much! They are very well-made and can be further shaped a little with care. They are ideal for the garden of a doll house that I am building from scratch.

    The sizes range from very tiny to large, the smallest being 3 cm and the tallest being 15 cm. They look very realistic, and they differ slightly in shades of green, which adds to the realism. — 


4. Wooden train tracks to make your rails longer.

Buy the tracks on Amazon here

Compatible with Brio

Brio is known for its high-quality wooden toys, and these are no exception. If you want to make your rails longer and give your kid more options to build their train track, then get this set.

Promising reviews:

  • I would recommend it to anyone — This was a present for my grandson on his birthday, and he is absolutely over the moon. He said it was the best present he’s ever had. So, I would recommend it to anyone with a grandson who loves trains. — Tina maria bradley

What was your favorite toy as a kid?

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