Acting Commissioner Sir Stephen House’s Letter to London ahead of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

“For many months the Met has been quietly preparing to support a wonderful moment in our national history as we mark Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee.

“Hundreds of police officers and staff have been working hard behind the scenes.  Our specialist search teams (including our canine friends), neighbourhood officers, experts in policing crowded events, boat units along the Thames, our volunteer Special Constable, logistical planners, and officers protecting high-profile people and premises have all been working with partners right across London and beyond to help make the Jubilee safe and joyful.

“Over the coming days Londoners will see this work step up a gear as the Platinum Jubilee celebrations approach.  Thousands of our officers will be deployed over the four-day holiday at high-profile events in central London and in communities across the city.

“We have a proud history of supporting Royal events during the reign of Her Majesty, starting with the Coronation in 1953.

“Back then, according to the policing ‘Operational Order’ held by the National Archives, the operation was led by Assistant Commissioner Major Margetson, commanding, 1,838 Met officers lined along the royal route, to keep the event, that was broadcast around the globe, safe. Today, this privilege falls to Deputy Assistant Commissioner Barbara Gray. 

“Amongst the many special experiences for officers serving over the years on public events involving the Royals is a unique connection for one of our current superintendents, who is part of the Platinum Jubilee policing operation. Chief Superintendent Claire Clark has fond memories of her childhood experience as a brownie when a Met officer lifted her up over the barrier to see the Queen pass at her Silver Jubilee. These celebrations are a chance for new memories to be made and for people to come together.

“As at the Coronation 70 years ago, and royal events since, thousands of officers and staff will once again serve at official events, riding horses down the Mall or stepping out in uniform to ensure the official route is secure. Celebrations will be seen right across our capital and beyond. As a result, hundreds of officers will be part of communities coming together locally whilst keeping boroughs safe from crime over the long weekend, helping in moments of need.

“Although the Coronation and Platinum Jubilee are decades apart our policing has the same principle at its heart – policing by consent. This is a period of national joy and we have the privilege and responsibility to do all we can to ensure it can be enjoyed in a safe and secure manner.

“We hope our #PlatinumPolicing operation helps Londoners and visitors to enjoy this special time.

“May I wish you a very happy Jubilee.”