In commemoration of Torres China’s 25th anniversary, Torres has appointed Hu Jun as Brand Ambassador for Torres Brandy on the Chinese mainland, responsible for sharaing the Torres Brandy story.


The Spirit of Time

In 1928, Juan Torres Casals, second generation in the Torres family, began the development of vintage brandy aged in oak from the excellent white wines of Penedès (Barcelona). The work of Juan Torres was soon recognized, and his brandies became synonymous with quality.

Torres Brandy is the result of almost century-old mastery in the art of distilling and the tenacious pursuit of perfection. The master distiller has perfected the art of distillation, injecting each brandy with passion, dedication and patience, and ensuring brandies are endowed with character and elegance.

In 2020, 2021 and 2022, Drinks International named Torres Brandy as “Bestselling Brand” and “Top Trending Brand” in the brandy category of the Annual Brands Report (note that said category doesn’t include cognac).


A good brand needs time to become recognizable. The same is true for brandy. Torres Brandy uses the “Solera” aging system. The traditional solera method involves arranging the American oak barrels at different heights. The most recent brandy – contained in the uppermost container – is mixed in small amounts with the older brandy. Then, after several years, it is mixed with the final level on the ground which contain the most aged brandies. Torres brandy keeps its uniform style and stable quality with this constant mixing process.


Maturity, Intensity and Complexity

The Torres family has more than a century of experience in the art of wine distillation. The company harvests unique local and international grape varieties, presses them and ferments them to produce a white wine with high acidity and low alcohol content.

Then, Torres Brandy distils the wine using traditional copper stills with a double distillation process. After distillation, the brandy is aged in oak barrels. Over time, the brandy will take on those vintage characteristics that will make it unique: maturity, intensity and complexity.

Hu Jun’s admired acting career results from hard work, dedication and passion. In a similar way, Torres Brandy has built a successful reputation since 1928.

Join Hu Jun in exploring Torres Brandy’s charm and taste the spirit of time.

[All images via Torres Brandy]