PlayStation 5 is among the best gaming consoles out there. Although it’s a bit difficult to get your hands on one, the console lets you enjoy all your favorite video games with close-to-life graphics. However, just like with any other electronic device, your PlayStation could malfunction too. Imagine you come back home from a busy day at college or at work, thinking about how you’ll grab your controller and race through the vivid course in Forza Horizon or hit a few punches in WWE 2K22, only to find out that your console won’t turn on. Isn’t that frustrating?

Sony’s PS5 is a durable console, and you should not face any problems. However, if it is not turning on, there could be a problem with the cables, system software, accumulated dirt, and dust inside the console or the internal hardware. Depending upon the cause, there are ways you can fix your PS5. Be prepared to try several methods before your PS5 turns on.

Start by checking whether the power outlet is working. Plug in another device, like a mobile charger, and see if it works. If the device does not work, something is wrong with the power outlet, and chances are your PS5 will work fine when plugged into another power outlet. However, if the power outlet is functional, your console needs some fixing.

Check whether all the cables are connected properly

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PlayStation 5 is easy to set up as it takes only two cables to get the device up and running. To power your PS5, you need the AC cord and adapter that comes in the box. Then you need an HDMI to HDMI cable to connect your console to a monitor or television, which also comes in the box. After you connect these cables, your PlayStation 5 should be ready to use. However, with time, the cable connectors could go loose. If your PS5 doesn’t turn on, disconnect all the cables, wait for about three minutes, and reconnect them. Playstation also recommends that you use the official cables that came with the device. Press the power button to see if your console turns on (via PlayStation).

An internal cable breakage could also stop your console from booting up. Although the cables provided with PS5 are durable enough, excessive bending or rough usage might damage the internal wires, rendering the cables useless. Similarly, if your HDMI cable is broken, your PS will turn on, but it won’t be able to supply display signals to your monitor. Check for signs of external damage on your power cable and HDMI cable. Try to switch them with a spare power cable (the IEC C7 power cable that came with PS3 and PS4 also works with PS5) and HDMI cable and check whether the console works.

Manually reboot your PlayStation 5 and try to insert a disc

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If you’ve checked your cables and they seem fine, try rebooting your PS5 manually. Hold the power button for 15 seconds, and your console should restart as it usually does. PlayStation 5 also has a weird bug wherein the console doesn’t turn on after going into the Rest Mode. Hence, PS5 owners should disable Rest Mode via the Settings section (via Asurion).

Another method that has worked for some users is inserting a disc into the optical disc drive on the PS5. There are two versions of the Sony PS5 in the market; the Standard Edition comes with a Blu-ray disc drive for loading games via discs, whereas the Digital Edition relies upon the console’s storage to download and install games. If you have a Standard Edition PlayStation 5 console, inserting a disc might wake up your console.

Get a PS5-compatible optical disc and gently insert it into the vertical disk opening toward the front of the console. While doing this, the top side of the disk should be facing toward your left. As soon as you insert the disc, your PlayStation should turn on. After that, you can eject the disk, and the console should work normally. However, try the next method if you have the Digital Edition of the PlayStation 5.

Power cycle your PlayStation 5 or boot into Safe Mode


If you have tried all the ways mentioned above, but your PS5 won’t budge, and it keeps on beeping or flashes white light, it’s time to power cycle it.

  1. Press and hold the power button until the light stops flashing.
  2. Remove the AC power cable from the console and wait at least 20 minutes to drain all the power.
  3. Reconnect the cable and press the power button and press the power button.

There’s another way to reboot your PlayStation 5 via Safe Mode, especially if it is beeping or flashing white light.

  1. Ensure that the console is switched off by pressing the power button.
  2. Hold the power button until the second beep, and then release the power button.
  3. On the controller, press the PS button to enter PS5 Safe Mode.
  4. Once in Safe Mode, you’ll see multiple options, including Restart PS5 and Update System Software. Select Restart PS5.

Sometimes, the PlayStation 5 may not turn on due to software issues or bugs. Although there is no way to figure this out, you can try updating your PlayStation’s software manually.

  1. On a USB drive formatted with FAT32, create a folder Update.
  2. Download the latest PS5 update from the PlayStation support site and save it in the Update folder as “PS5UPDATE.PUP”.
  3. Remove the USB drive from your PC and plug it into the console.
  4. Boot in Safe Mode using the steps mentioned above and select Update System Software.
  5. Select Update from USB Storage Device from the available options.

Clean your console


If none of the above-mentioned methods fixes your console, try cleaning it before taking it to the authorized service center. You might not realize this as you only see the outer surface of your PS5, but the insides gather a lot of dirt and dust, which can clog the ventilation vents. Hence, even though the cooling fans are working, the blocked ventilation vents won’t allow air to pass.

This, in turn, disturbs the heat dissipation mechanism in place and might result in overheating the console. In the worst case, your console might overheat to an extent when it shuts down or stops turning on. In addition, the dust particles can also damage the hardware inside your console. Hence, cleaning your PS5 every once in a while is wise.

To clean your PlayStation, gently pull off the faceplate on both sides and clean the insides using a microfibre cloth. Now, check whether the inner vents and openings have dust deposits. While Sony recommends cleaning dust from air vents with the help of a low-powered vacuum cleaner, you can also use canned air or small amounts of isopropyl alcohol for areas where the dust won’t come off quickly (via iFixit).

Once you’re done, attach the faceplates to the console and connect all the required wires if your console turns on, well and good. However, if your PS5 won’t turn on, it’s time that you take it to an official PlayStation store and get expert help.